Experienced and Professional Doctors-Our Doctors have an array of training and specializations to ensure that whatever your concerns are, we can help you find the clarity you are looking for.

Friendly Knowledgeable Staff-Our friendly staff are well prepared to answer your questions and assist you with your eye care needs.  We have a team of people dedicated to providing you the customized experience you desire: from exceptional technicians who gather valuable information to optical professionals who ensure your glasses are a perfect fit.

Advanced Technologies-Along with traditional methods of evaluation, we incorporate state of the art equipment that helps detect conditions like glaucoma with more accuracy and earlier so that treatment can be started sooner and slow visual deterioration.

Less Invasive Exam-Because of our technology, and the skill of our Doctors, you no longer need to fear coming in for your exam.  We work with patients of all ages, from small children to the elderly, to provide a gentle yet thorough examination of your vision and ocular health.

Selection-To​ help you save time we provide a wide selection of frames and contacts right in house.  Our professional staff can help you either select the right frames or learn to care for contacts.  Many of the lenses can be cut in house, reducing the time you have to​ wait for your glasses.

Affordable-We accept a variety of insurance plans and we work with your provider to offer the most comprehensive evaluation possible.




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